We make, sell and deliver our own 'Horses Choice' hay, haylage, silage and straw bales to customers in Devon and Cornwall.  We have many years of expertise in producing high quality fodder and bedding particularly for horses.  We produce our fodder in a range of bale sizes to suit the customers individual needs.  We also offer a choice of rye grass or meadow grass bales.

Single Square Bales

Our single square bales of haylage, hay or straw are easy to handle and measure approximately:  80cm x 50cm x 150cm

Double Square Bales

Our double square bales consist of two single bales of haylage or silage wrapped together to form one larger bale and although still easy to handle and feed, provide a more cost effective solution for those customers who use more.  These measure approximately:  80cm x 100cm x 150cm 

Round Bales

We sell round bale haylage, silage, hay and straw.  These measure approximately 125cm in diameter.  These are also available as organic haylage.

Conventional Square Bales

Our conventional bales for the smaller user are available in haylage, hay and straw.

Wrapped Hay
Single Square Bale Haylage
Single Square Bale Hay
Double Square Bale Haylage
Double Square Bale Haylage
JCB with Round Bales
Round Bale Straw
Conventional Bale Haylage
Conventional Baling
3 Haylage Bale Sizes
Round_Square Hay